We are very interested in discussing your potential project, so when your ready, don't hesitate to reach via email or telephone; or, you can also submit a service request via the below eform.

Phone:    (608) 492-1719
eMail:      inquiry@handyvetservice.com

How to Submit Project Review & Recommendation:
If, by chance you have an active Facebook account, please consider writing a Recommendation (formerly Review), of the project:
1. Select, or copy the following to your browser’s URL bar:  https://www.facebook.com/handyvetwi/reviews/
2. Logon to FaceBook – if prompted to.
3. Select “Write a Recommendation”, follow any further instructions.
Note:  It might be helpful to briefly describe your thoughts of the project(s) stages (Initiation, Planning, Execution & Closure).

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